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How does the AI assistant work? Why the word limit? Is my data safe?

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AI is a hot-button topic, particularly amongst the creatively inclined! At Chapterly, we're dedicated to maintaining an ethical approach to the utilization of AI in book creation. If you have questions not covered by this article, please reach out to our support staff!

How does Chap work?

Chap is powered by Chat GPT's OpenAI, through their API Platform. We connect our users with their software, but they handle the specifics. The AI generates ideas based on what you've already written, so the more you write, the better it will work. To generate ideas, the program requires at least 100 words of original (written by you) text in the area you're working with. If you're just getting started, it may take a little time for the AI to produce something you like.

Why is there a word limit?

Both tiers of the subscription plans come with a limited number of AI words per month. This limit is in place to prevent people from using AI to write an entire book, which can lead to plagiarism lawsuits and an inability to copyright their book. Much like a search engine, dictionary, or thesaurus, the Chapterly AI tool is intended to help the writer--not replace them.

Note: There is a common misconception, especially amongst new users, that Chapterly limits the number of words you can write each month. Remember, only the AI words are limited. YOU can write as many as you like.

Is my data safe?

We understand that AI data security is a serious concern, and we want to reassure you that your intellectual property is secure. The short answer is yes: the content you enter into Chapterly is NOT used to train AI software.

Here's the longer answer. Since 'Chap' is powered by OpenAI, concern that they might use your content to train their software is understandable. Even the basic version of Chap has to share some data in order to work properly. And while the premium Chapterly membership can get you a better tool (it learns from you as you go), neither Chapterly nor OpenAI use customer data to train their technology. You can read more about Open AI's policies here:

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