How to Use Character Profiles

The Character tool in Chapterly is intuitive and easy to use!

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First, select the book you want to work with from your Chapterly library. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the book you want to work on so to make the document tree for the book visible. Then select the “Characters” tab.

To create a new character, you can either click on the "+" sign next to the Character tab on the Chapterly dashboard. Or you can hover over the "New Character" icon at the top right-hand corner and then select, "New Character" when the menu drops down.

Create Your Character

If you want to create your own character, simply update the fields of the new character by adding a new name, short description, bio, notes, and image. You can add attributes to the character by clicking on the "+" sign next to Attributes. Enter the desired attribute value and then hit enter.

Pro Tip!
Start by creating a Character Template, such as Protagonist, Antagonist, Secondary, Tertiary, etc. First, click the drop-down and select Save New Template. Name the template, then edit the attributes on the right. You can use the pencil/plus icons or type in the space above the box ('Intuitive' in the image below). Once all of the data fields are set to your liking, click Update next to the Character Template. Now, you can create new characters with similar roles without having to do the customizing over and over!

Let Chap Help You Get Started

If you want to generate a new character, you can click on the "generate a character" link located in the Name field of the character. A window opens up with options for generating a character based on the book genre. Select one of the choices for the character generator and then follow the instructions on adding the generated character to your book.

Deleting a Character

If you want to delete a character you can either click on the delete button at the bottom of the character page or click the "x" next to the character that you want to delete.

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