How to Use Location Profiles

Adding locations for a storyline is easy to do.

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You can use Chapterly to organize details about all of the locations and settings, whether it's a character's home or an entire city!

Creating a Location Template

Start by clicking the Location Template drop-down and select Save New Template. Name the template, then edit each attribute to reflect the details you want to keep track of, such as appearance, vibe, geographic location, distance from other settings, etc. Once the data fields are set to your liking, click Update. Now you can use this format again for other settings/locations without having to customize every time!

How to Add a New Location

You can add a new location to the book by clicking on the “+” sign next to the “Location” link on the left navigation bar. You can also add a location by selecting "Location" in the document tree of the book.

The name of the location and the location information can be updated on the new location page.

You can add attributes to the location by clicking on the "+" sign next to Attributes. Then enter the desired text in the field and click on the edit pen icon next to Attributes. After the new attribute is added click on Done.

How to Delete a Location

If you do not want to keep the location, select the location you want to delete and then click the “Delete” button at the bottom of the location page.

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