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How to Export a Book
How to Export a Book

Exporting a book into a PDF document is simple and user friendly!

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Chapterly gives users the ability to quickly download their book in a convenient PDF, ePub, or Kindle format. To accomplish this, please click on your dashboard. To export your book, please click on the download icon at the top right-hand corner of the book.

On the left-side navigation bar, there are a lot of options for exporting your book that can be edited. The first one is Themes, when you click on it you will be presented with three different theme options that you can customize.

If you click on the Fonts tab, it will display options to edit the font for every aspect of your book. Click on any of the font options shown for each category to edit the font attributes.

The next category that can be edited is the chapter format. You can click on the arrows next to the Looming chapter template to see which chapter template you want to use for your book.

Under the Header and Footer tab, you can choose the following categories to edit: Author, Title, Page Number; Title, Chapter, Page Number; Chapter, Page Number; and Page Number. Select the category that you want to edit and then select the template for those attributes.

Once a Header & Footer category is selected, click on the arrows next to each template option to view and select the format you want.

At the bottom of the export tab, there will be options to display your book content. Please select, or unselect the features that you want to display in your book.

Once you have selected all of the attributes for your book, please click on the red "Export Book" button at the top right corner of the screen. Then you can select either "Print or download PDF" or "Digital eBook" or you can "go to exports".

The next screen will ask you if you want to export the cover only, or the entire book. Select "Contents" to export the entire book and click next.

The next screen allows you to choose the trim size of your book by clicking on the drop-down menu. Choose the size that you want and then click Next.

On the next page, you select the printing bleed for your book. If you click on the up arrow next to each option, it will choose the first setting of 0.125. Choose the amount of print bleed that you want and then click Export.

You will automatically be directed to the Exports page. Click on "download" to export your book as a PDF.

The book will then display in the download bar just above the taskbar. Click on the document to view it.

Click on the download icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Choose the folder you want to save the book in and then click on the Save button.

Your book is now ready to to go as a PDF document.

If you are exporting an eBook you will see the download options of "Kindle" or "ePUB." Please select the desired eBook format and click Next. If you have not configured your copyright page you will be redirected to do so. Follow the instructions on saving your eBook to your computer.

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