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How to Add or Delete A Book
How to Add or Delete A Book

You can easily delete a book from the Chapterly app and restore it from the trash if you change your mind.

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How To Add A New Book:

To add a new book to your Chapterly account, please click on the Library from the dashboard. At the top right corner of the page, click on the “New Book” icon. The menu will drop down and then you can choose, “New Book” or “Import Book.” Click on New Book to create a new book template.

A new book will populate and will open up on the first chapter page.

The new book will be visible in the left-hand navigation pane. Click on the new untitled book icon at the top which will open the title page. You can edit the book title, subtitle, author, description, genre, and book category on this page. When you enter information on the title page it is automatically saved for you.

To view the book contents you can click on the dropdown arrows next to each book option to open them.

How to Delete a Book

Deleting a book is simple. You can delete a book from the title page. To access the title page you can click on the settings gear from your dashboard.

Once you access the title page, you can access the Delete Book button at the bottom of the page.

When you click on the Delete Book button you receive a message to confirm that you want to delete the book.

Once the book is deleted, you can either delete it forever or restore it from the trash. Click on the trash button to view the deleted book.

If you decide to delete the book permanently you will get a message to confirm the deletion.

Once the book has been deleted from the trash it cannot be restored.

Happy Writing!

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