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How to Return to a Previous Revision
How to Return to a Previous Revision

Made a change you regret? Missing content from some part of your book?

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Everything you type into the Chapterly app is saved automatically, synced with our cloud storage (if you're online), and backed up safely, so even when you delete something, it isn’t completely lost. Changes made offline save locally until connection is restored, and occasionally the Editor may show an old version by default, so if you're missing something, always check the revisions!

To access the Revisions page, click on the ellipse {...} at the top right-hand corner of the Chapterly app.

Once you navigate to the revisions page, click on the “Select” menu in the dropdown menu at the top and select the chapter that you wish to return to a previous revision.

Once the chapter has been selected, the revision history will be visible in the right sidebar of the page.

Select a revision that you want to return to and it will be saved automatically.

Happy writing!

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