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How to Add Images to a Book
How to Add Images to a Book

Images can be easily added to a book using the book editor toolbar.

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Image Quality Specification

Adding images to the Chapterly is simple and easy to accomplish! Images can be uploaded for book covers, illustrations, characters, visual storyboards, and many other options in Chapterly.

The images types that can be uploaded to Chapterly are JPG, which are flat images with no transparency, and PNG, which support image transparency. The optimal size for each image to display correctly, and for the best printing quality is 300 DPI (dots per inch). DPI stands for the number of dots in one printed inch of a document. The 72 PPI (pixels per inch) refers to how many pixels are contained within one inch of an image displayed on the web, which is best to display internet images, but not sufficient in size to be uploaded as a Chapterly image. If the image uploaded to Chapterly is less than 300 DPI the image will upload as a thumbnail of 2" x 3" to preserve the quality of the image for printing.

To calculate the proper size of an image to be displayed in a Chapterly book, simply multiply each dimensional inch by 300. For example, if the image displayed will be 5" x 8" then the DPI should be 1500 px x 2400 px. Any photo editing program can be used to determine or change the DPI size of a photo.

How to add an Image to a Book

You can add a new image to a book by clicking on the image icon located in the document editor toolbar at the top of the Chapterly app window.

Navigate to where the image is saved. Select the image and click Open.

The image is placed on the page in a smaller-sized format. Hover over the image to see the image display options. There are 4 display options for an image: left justify, center justify, right justify, and full-screen view. A justified image option will allow the words to wrap around an image.

To delete an image, select it, and then click the back, or delete button.

Happy Writing!

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